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Kid Quill chosen for Soundcloud accelerator program

Kid Quill was named to the “First on Soundcloud” 2021 Artist Roster List.

“First on Soundcloud” is an artist accelerator program the music platform debuted

“focused on dedicated investment in co-creating each artist’s career milestones to help drive their long-term success,” according to a press release.

The Shelbyville High School alum is one of nine artists the platform is promoting. The 2012 graduate’s music combines melodic rap verses, witty hooks, and old school hip-hop samples, according to the release.

Jump starting his career with a top 10 chart-topping album in 2016, Quill has amassed 120M+ streams, performed at festivals like Lollapalooza and Firefly Festival, opened shows for artists including Bryce Vine, Quinn XCII, and Skizzy Mars, and built a loyal fanbase, according to the press release.

Kid Quill – A.K.A. Mitch Brown – started making music when he was a senior in high school.

“Me and my friends used to just freestyle in the car and it kinda grew from that,” Brown said in an email. “Didn’t take it serious until after college graduation in 2016.”

After graduating from DePauw university, Brown became Kid Quill because he had a passion for music and wasn’t scared to fail, he said.

Since then, he’s released three albums. He’s currently in Los Angeles working on a fourth album, and plans to release some new songs throughout the summer.

“It’s in the works! But really looking forward to just keep putting out new jams throug

hout the summer,” Brown said. “Back to my old style following an experimental album in 2019.”

His creative director BJ Jenson has been with him since the beginning.

“Met him at a show,” Brown said. “And he’s just really been my go to guy for years now. He always helps me push thru creative boundaries and stay fresh with whatever we’re doing. I’ll go on record and say he’s actually a genius.”

Brown met his manager, Logan Cassidy, a year ago.

“I run Prime Artists, which is a talent management company,” Cassidy said. “My music partners own a music festival business. Three years ago they booked Mitch as an opener for the music festival. They saw how talented he was and hired him on, and basically started this company around him. I was brought on a year ago, and that was when I met him.”

Cassidy said Brown has a well-established relationship with the Pacers, and he was back in Indiana for a game a couple weeks ago.

“He takes frequent trips back into town,” Cassidy said. “We have a solid partnership with the Pacers, they invited us to a game recently.”

Brown didn’t perform at this game though. Instead, the Pacers put him on the big screen and play his music during the game.

“We’re hoping once the pandemic is up, he can do like halftime shows,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy said he wasn’t sure when Brown would be back in Indiana again.

“We’ve got a lot going out in the album in L.A.,” Cassidy said. “We’re all super excited. Mitc

h is a super passionate artist. He’s got some close ties with this town and Indianapolis. He’s super passionate about the culture in Indiana and helping putting that on the map. He definitely wears

his city on his back. We’re super excited to announce when and what that project.”

In the meantime, he’ll be working with Soundcloud’s program to promote his career.

“Initial reaction was excited-ness,” Brown said. “It’s a big look. Really looking forward to all the things the opportunity has in store over the next 8-12 months”

Brown wasn’t able to say what “opportunities” be working on yet with Soundcloud; but according to a press release, the accelerator program he was chosen for works with artists to produce “memorable, authentic, career-making moments, culminating in an original collaborative project that marks a first for each artist like their first dream collab, first merch drop and first mind-bending album cover art.”


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