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G&G Investigation moves into first office

For George Gobel, investigation is intriguing.

“If I can solve a case, the high that I get from it is so rewarding,” he explained.

So he started G&G Investigation. As Shelbyville’s only licensed private investigator (PI), Gobel works to find evidence that helps solve missing person cases, homicides, runaways, theft, fraud and many other items.

“We do a thing called process service, and process service is if an attorney or individual would call us for paperwork,” he said. “Like an eviction, if it was a landlord, they would have the paperwork from the courts, to have us go serve and find those individuals to give us that paperwork to them.”

He’s spent 17 years in the criminal justice field, two of those with Community Corrections, and four years on his own as a PI.

“With community corrections, what I did there was monitor people on house arrests, home visits and drug arrests,” he said.

“My full background stems from private security work and community corrections, so I thought after working with community corrections, I would branch out on my own and do the private detective work,” he said.

To become a licensed PI, one has to meet a certain amount of accredited hours, which is 4,000 hours.

“That’s why I was doing all the security work before, accumulating those hours,” he said. “Those last two years with Community Corrections qualified me for the PI license.”