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Davis celebrates 20 years at Hubler

Duane Davis is celebrating his 20th year today at the Hubler Ford Dealership, 2605 E State Road 44.

“I would say to start, 20 years at one company is something you don’t hear about anymore,” said his son, Justin Davis. “And 20 years at the same dealership is pretty rare.”

The General Manager moved from Greenfield to Shelbyville in 2000, and has been there ever since.

“I think he really loves the town, loves the people,” Justin said. “He’s really loyal to Mr. Hubler and he really just loves the Town of Shelbyville. You can’t be anywhere for 20 years and not become woven into the fabric of the town, and I think he really is.”

Justin said Duane has been into cars for most of his life.

“I’d say he’s always been a ‘car guy,’” he said. “His first car was a Camero SS at 16 years old, and I think when you start with a car like that you can’t not be in love with cars.”

“As far as being in the car business, he got started with a buddy when he was 17 or 18,” Justin added. “He started early on in the car business and I think just got hooked. He’s a salesman at heart for sure.”

Justin believes his dad is so successful because of his work ethic.

“His drive, his work ethic, constantly trying to do better than he did before, I’d say definitely pushed him through the ranks in the industry,” he said. “He started at the bottom and worked his way up to the top over his career. But he very quickly got into management in the car industry and never left.”

The dealership is having a private cookout lunch for Duane today .

“We’re doing a big cookout at the dealership,” Justin said. “It’s very simple, we’re doing burgers and hot dogs.”

Justin wants to make the day special by surprising his father at the dealership cookout, taking him out to dinner, and getting an article in the newspaper.

“I’m trying to make it not just a lunch, but a special day for him,” he said. “I’m gonna try to get my daughter out of daycare and come down and surprise him.”

“Dad’s a big part of the community,” Justin said. “He’s donated to the police station. He’s done a Christmas donation event. Every year, they donate to families in need for Christmas. He’s always been involved in the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police). He’s been involved in the fair most years, the parade most years.”

“Dad started all of that for Hubler,” he added.


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