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Casino gives $25,000 for East Washington Alley project

Indiana Grand Racing and Casino donated $25,000 to the Blue River Community Foundation so it could complete the renovation of the East Washington Street Alley.

The project kicked off earlier this year but with funding coming to a close, the project wasn’t going to be finished before 2021.

The donation allows the foundation to complete the initial design and provide a new community space in the downtown area.

“Blue River Community Foundation (BRCF) is thrilled to have the support of Indiana Grand through this generous gift to allow us to expand on the alley activation project on East Washington Street,” said Jennifer Jones, executive director of BRCF. “We appreciate their recognition of the importance of public art, invigorating our downtown, and keeping Shelby County history alive.”

The Alley Renovation showcases several historical figures from the area, including portraits of Sandy Allen, Bill Garrett and Bucky Barnes of Marvel Comics. Indiana Grand’s contribution will allow BRCF to continue its plans for the space, including greenery, seating, lighting and other aesthetics while preserving the historical content of Shelby County.

“Investing in our local neighborhoods is at the forefront of our community outreach goals,” said Mike Rich, senior vice president and general manager of racing. “The City of Shelbyville is working hard to revitalize the downtown area, and we saw an opportunity to get involved with their vision. The possibilities are endless with this initiative, and we are excited to see the transformation this entire project will have on the community.”


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