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Shelbyville group creating face masks for medical personnel

A group of Shelbyville women have been busy doing what they can to help those on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Ann Riley, Brandy Muck and a few other women teamed up to create more than 100 face masks that cover the N95 masks that medical staff members wear. The masks that the local group are making covers over the N95 masks, extending their use.

Muck first approached Riley with the idea after learning from family members who work in Indianapolis about the need for additional protection. When Riley and Muck posted on Facebook that they were creating the masks, it generated a buzz that resulted in more requests.

So far, the group has created the masks for staff members from MHP Medical Center, Especially Kidz and Heritage House in Shelbyville, Columbus Regional Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital, in Indianapolis.

“There’s a lot of people that need them,” Riley said Monday morning. “I just keep making them. I enjoy sewing.”

Two pieces of material are sewn together using different types of material based on what can be found in stores. The group specifically uses cotton so that the masks are breathable, Riley said.

The rest of the materials are a mixture of rubber bands, bias tape, hairbands and shoe laces. All of the materials are machine washable.

Once she’s finished sewing, Riley said she leaves the finished products on her front porch for someone to pick them up.

The masks are available for any employee in need of them for their work.'

As of Sunday night, Shelby County had 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus but no fatalities. The total number of positive cases in Indiana stood at 1,786 with 35 fatalities.

“I just thank the lord can help somebody out,” Riley said. “l don’t want this disease to spread anymore.”

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