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Clearwick Park playground opens with ceremony

About a dozen children ran around Clearwick Park on Wednesday afternoon, free to enjoy the playground.

Likely unaware that a ribbon cutting ceremony was about to take place, the children were allowed to check out new playground equipment before the ceremony actually started.

The park, Shelbyville’s second-youngest, is now open with new equipment after the ceremony took place with members of the City of Shelbyville government and local residents in attendance.

Some residents wondered why Clearwick’s playground was updated and not another park in the city, Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Director Karen Martin said during the ceremony. Those parks have had work done in her time in the department, she said, and it was Clearwick’s turn for an update.

Planning took a couple years, she said, and was one of many projects included in the master plan.

“We knew it was something we needed to accomplish, especially for this great neighborhood,” she said.

She thanked those involved with the project, including Mayor Tom DeBaun, members of the City Council, Board of Works, Parks and Recreation board, Clerk Treasurer Frank Zerr and staff members in the department.

She also thanked the community.

“It’s your input that makes these things happen,” she said. “We’ll continue to work hard to make our community the best community to live and to play in. Of course, parks make life better.”

Located at 2609 Berwick Dr., on the southwest side of Shelbyville, the park is now ready for local children to play in.

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