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Salvation Army receives helping hand

On most days, the Salvation Army is the one helping others in the community.

But on Wednesday afternoon, the organization received a lending hand from another local group.

The Salvation Army partnered with SHARES to remove around 100 boxes of records that needed to be destroyed from a barn next to the building. The boxes dated back nearly 30 years to 1991 and were taking up space in the 20 x 30 foot barn.

Chairman Jack Boyce said they needed to get permission from the Indianapolis headquarters to shred the documents, which will be done for free by SHARES.


hredding those documents was not in the organization’s budget, he said, which is why they reached out to SHARES.


enny Hignite and Calvin Hanna, volunteered their time from SHARES by stopping by to pick up the boxes on Wednesday.

The second stage will be rehabbing the barn so that it can be used for its original intent, Boyce said, which was to store necessary items for the organization.

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