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Custom Coatings — another piece in the Shelby County industrial puzzle

Custom Coatings is a powder coating, painting and blasting facility located on the north edge of Shelbyville. It is located at 2446 North Michigan Road where the Michigan Road overpass crosses I-74. The facility was built in 1975 and started as Huber Brothers. A large addition was added in 1987. It became Custom Coatings when the business was purchased by Custom Machining, Inc. in 1997 and became a separate division.

Custom Coatings’ focus is industrial finishing of small to medium sized lots. As the name implies, Custom Coatings is flexible enough to service a wide customer base. Several customers supply parts on a weekly basis while other customers often have requirements which vary from job to job.

The preparation and coating of the part can vary greatly depending on the application. Some parts are never seen in the final assembly and require a coating for rust prevention only. Other parts are highly visible and require a very specific preparation and coating.

Whether a part is painted or powder coated, the surface preparation determines the desired results. If a part is not clean, has scale or has old paint, the finish will not last. Custom Coatings has the ability to blast parts and weldments for surface preparation. Custom Coatings also has a five stage wash system incorporated with the main line. The wash system prepares parts that are bare metal. Having the ability to blast distinguishes Custom Coatings from competitors in the area. Blasting is done on site using an aggressive aluminum oxide media. The blast booth can accommodate parts 10 ft. x 12 ft. x 30 ft. This process creates a profile for the best possible coating adhesion.

Custom Coatings also has a few customers which use the blasting service before they coat their own parts. Powder coating is the primary process used, but wet paint is also available. Powder coating is just like the name implies. The coating is a dry powder that is applied electrostatically and is heated in an oven to cure. As the part cures, the powder wraps around the part to create a smooth, durable bond. Powder coating does not use solvents, so it is environmentally friendly. Powder coating will also have thicker coating than traditionally applied wet paintproducts. With three paint lines, the focus is on industrial customers; however, walk-in customers are welcome and add a valuable segment to the business.

As one can see on the Custom Coatings Facebook page, the walk-in business adds unique items which displays the capabilities and expertise of the staff at Custom Coatings. Wheels, motorcycle frames, metal lawn furniture and tractor parts are just some of the various items brought in to the shop. Custom Coatings’ capabilities are more than what you see on the surface. For more examples of past projects, visit the Custom Coatings Facebook page. If you have an inquiry, please call Custom Coatings at 317-392-7908. If it is easier to stop by and show your project, office

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