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Capital Industries: Technology of Tomorrow... Here Today

Capital Industries is a growing local business that is meeting the needs of multiple industries by providing custom automation and material handling solutions. Given the increase in manufacturing activity in our region, Capital has found a needed niche in helping various industries produce more through technology and design innovation.

Having moved from Edinburg to Shelbyville in 2012 after seeking a larger space for operations and future growth in south central Indiana, the company has grown from 24 employees to over 60 today. “The move has been tremendous for us in terms of our facility, easy access to I-74, and proximity to the Indianapolis metro area. This has greatly benefited both our customers and employees,” says Steve Halfaker, General Manager. After the move, the company saw immediate growth and in 2014, acquired Selco Engineering, Inc. and moved this company’s operations from Indianapolis to Shelbyville. This acquisition helped support the engineering demands this business requires in developing and designing unique, one-of-a-kind systems. Steve went on to say “Capital is really an engineering company that happens to build and service what we engineer.”

Today, the demand for manufacturers to adopt the use of robotics and welding, material handling and quality control has never been greater. What is often heard, however, are the fears that machines will eventually replace the human worker. This fear has not proven to be the case as evidence is showing that as technology is adopted, new markets, departments and jobs within companies are created. An example of this, according to, is an Indiana based manufacturer of electric fork trucks that incorporated robot systems to make specialized parts which created a new market for the company. This provided the opportunity for an expansion that increased the company’s total number of employees from 200 to 335.

The reality is there will always be a place for people to perform needed tasks. These jobs may just look different than what we have thought of or known in the past. Robots need to be programed and they will have glitches requiring service. As companies rely more and more on automation, the more we will require people with the technical skills to design, build, install, maintain and replace these systems. For Capital, this couldn’t be more true.

Co-owner Kent Colclazier said “We are constantly seeking new talent to help us design, build and service the solutions our customers are demanding we provide. With unemployment low and the job market heating up, manufacturers are turning to automation more and more to increase production. Instead of a new job being one on a production line, we too are providing employment opportunities in a different way.” This overall demand has lead Capital to grow again by purchasing another building near their current facility. This new 14,000 sq. ft. of space is a result of increased business from customers requiring high-tech automation

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