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Fountaintown Gas Co. still going strong 51 years later

Fountaintown Gas Co., Inc. began as a small, family-owned gas company that previously served the Fountaintown community from local wells with a very limited natural gas supply. In 1967, Robert Wortman of the neighboring Morristown community, obtained ownership and began construction of a modern distribution system that connected to a major intrastate pipeline. Mr. Wortman recognized the need for natural gas service in the small communities of southeastern Indiana that weren’t being served by the existing large gas utilities. He realized having reliable natural gas service that could adequately supply the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers was vital to the survival of small communities.

Today, what started as a company with only two customers has grown to serve the communities of Morristown, Fountaintown, Gwynneville, Marietta, Flat Rock, Waldron, Saint Paul, Carthage, Wilkinson, Shirley, Kennard and Sulphur Springs. This family owned company now has three generations of the Wortman family, as well as a team of service technicians and office staff working to meet the needs of our customers and expand the vision of company founder, Robert Wortman.

Part of the commitment to local communities is the Fountaintown Gas Co., Inc. scholarship that was established in 2011 for qualifying graduating seniors who are customers of the gas company. To learn more about the scholarship, speak with the high school guidance counselor at your school or visit our website at

Implementing programs to encourage energy efficiency is a key part of the company’s commitment to the community. Installing new high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and water heaters may qualify our customers for a rebate.

If you are interested in learning more about natural gas service being provided to your current or future home, business or grain dryers, please contact the staff of Fountaintown Gas Co., Inc. to learn more about our service.

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