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Cossairt Florist celebrates 122nd anniversary

This month marks the 122nd anniversary of Cossairt Florist and Greenhouse. The company has been owned and operated by the same family in the same county for 122 years! When the company was founded over 4 generations ago in August 1896, William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States, the first modern Olympic games had just taken place in Athens and Henry Ford had just driven his first Ford down the streets of Detroit.

As great advances were taking place in this country and around the world, a humble vegetable farmer and his wife were about to create their legacy which would last for generations. As family legend goes, company founder Simon Peter Cossairt and his wife Elizabeth were avid gardeners. They sold produce from their garden on a vegetable cart every day to earn their living. One day, so the legend says, Elizabeth put some geraniums from her flower garden on the cart alongside the vegetables. They sold better than the produce and from there the Cossairt company was born!

Four generations later, Cossairt’s continues to serve Shelbyville and Shelby County proudly under the leadership of Jim and Nancy Cossairt. Their daughter Jessica (fifth generation) has also taken an active role in the company in recent years.

As one would expect of any long-lasting company, Cossairt’s has had to constantly adapt over the years to acclimate to the current business climate. The company has evolved from primarily cut flower production and greenhouse products at the start of the company to a full-service florist, garden center, and gift shop today. Earlier this year also saw the launch of Plant It! events- local planting events hosted by Cossairt’s during which participants make their own live plant creations. The first events featured succulent terrariums and indoor herb gardens. Additional similar events are in the works for the future.

Today, Cossairt’s offers a wide product mix spanning all seasons and changing from one season to the next. From bedding plants and hanging baskets for springtime planting to fall hardy mums to Christmas centerpieces and wreaths to full-scale wedding flower services, Cossairt Florist and Greenhouse serves the community year-round with beautiful fresh flowers and plants and friendly service. The family and the company continue to look to the future to best serve Shelby County’s floral needs for years to come.

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