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Morristown valedictorian to attend Hanover

Morristown High School’s valedictorian is a metalhead who wants to work with corpses.

“I kind of found out about the field of pathology, and I was like, ‘Oh, that sounds cool,’ like figuring out about disease and illness and all that,” Aidan Stoner said.

So he did more research on the topic.

“I decided I didn’t want to be a clinical pathologist who kind of just analyzed tissue samples all the time,” he said. “That didn’t sound interesting to me. I found out about forensic pathology, and that just kind of made more sense to me.”

Forensic pathologists are the people who perform autopsies – hence, working with the dead.

Stoner will attend Hanover College in the fall. He said he chose Hanover because he felt what it had to offer lined up with his academic goals.

“I’m really into science and they cater a lot to that,” he said. “Their science building is also a natural history museum. The have one of the only undergrad cadaver labs, which I plan on going into forensics, so that was a big hit for me.”