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Hanson family thankful for community's support

Brandon Hanson has a ways to go in his recovery following an accident in Madison County that ended the life of another man and sent Hanson to the hospital with serious injuries.

But he and his family are hopeful with the progress he’s made, and thankful for the outpouring of help from the Morristown community.

Hanson was unable to discuss what happened in the accident due to the ongoing investigation. An SUV driven by Raymond Cain Jr., of Anderson, struck and killed David Kirk, of Gwynneville, and injured Hanson in early August.

Hanson was lifelined to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, where he stayed for a month to recover from his injuries, which included multiple spinal fractures with nerve damage and a fractured scapula. All of his ribs were fractured on one side and he had pelvic and hip reconstruction as well as foot surgery.

He has returned home to Gwynneville, where he lives with his wife, Christian, and their two children, Russell, a seventh grader at Morristown Jr./Sr. High School, and Reece, a first grader at the elementary school.

While Christian said there is “a night and day difference” in his progress since the accident, he’s still facing rehab at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana in Indianapolis. He goes to RHI 2-3 times per week and faces months of rehab, his sister, Lesli Manship, said in an e-mail.

He said he’s not paralyzed but is in a motorized wheelchair and requires the help of others. Unable to put weight down on his legs yet, he said he will have to re-learn.

That will have to wait until his hip and pelvic injuries heal, Manship said.

“I can only do so much exercise,” he said in his kitchen on Thursday morning.

During his recovery, the community has stepped up financially and through philanthropy work.

Shelby Materials donated materials to pour concrete around his house for easier access. Friends and co-workers gave their time to pour the concrete, he said.

The Morristown community rallied around the family shortly after the accident and held a benefit that raised $13,542.

Former Morristown Elementary School teacher and current teacher at Shelbyville Middle School, Jason Huffer, helped organize a fundraiser through Papa John’s pizza.

Even their children were taken care of during a difficult time. Christian Hanson said someone put money in their school lunch accounts, “something I never would have imagined,” she said.

All of those efforts are appreciated by the family and they wanted to thank those involved.

They also wanted to thank the Shannon family and the Hanson family for helping out.

Christian’s mother moved into their house while Brandon was in the hospital and in the middle of rehab. And the family formed a rotation while Brandon was in the hospital with Manship and their mother and siblings, as well as Christian, taking turns staying with him so that Brandon always had someone with him.

“If it wasn’t for them, it would have been very difficult for us,” Christian said.

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