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Back on Track Indiana - Indiana now moving to Stage 5

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Gov. Holcomb has moved Indiana up to Stage 5 of the Back on Track plan until October 17.

To read the guidelines of Stage 5, please click here.


  • Face coverings are required for all Hoosiers according to Executive Order 20-43

  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet, especially in public spaces and when you are in close contact with others who are not members of your household

  • Wash your hands frequently; use hand sanitizer when hand-washing is not available

  • Do not go to work or other locations when you feel sick or symptomatic

  • Size limitations removed for social gatherings and meetings

  • Restaurants and bars that offer food service open at full capacity

  • Bars and nightclubs open at full capacity

  • Indoor and outdoor venues of all types may open at full capacity

Read more information on the Back On Track Indiana plan, visit their website

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City of Shelbyville - Small Business COVID-19 Grant Information

The Small Business Relief grant in response to COVID-19 is a partnership between The City of Shelbyville, the Shelby County Development Corporation, the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, Mainstreet Shelbyville, the Blue River Community Foundation, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and the Lieutenant Governor’s office.


The City of Shelbyville continues to work with state officials as they provide us with guidance and training on this program, including eligibility requirements, funding limitations, and general timelines. We are working to expedite the program as much as possible so that we can get this much-needed assistance to our small business community. The state continues to provide us guidance on this program as it is developed and implemented, but we want to share any and all information we have at this point. The following is information on the program that we currently have, we will continue to update everyone as more information becomes available:

  • Income Verification: The federal funds that are funding this program must be targeted primarily at retaining jobs in low-to-moderate income households, so there will be some simple reporting when applying for the grant. Businesses will need to complete something similar to this Income Verification Worksheet Sample we have created. An example and a blank template will be posted on the City’s website and shared with this group in the coming days. The income that is being reported is for every employee at your business, both full-time and part-time. Specifically, the average annual income from their employment at your business, not other incomes they may have or other incomes in their household, we are only collecting information on the income earned from the business applying for this program. The information that will be needed for this reporting is: (1) Employee Name or Initials, (2) Job Type, and (3) Average Annual Income from Position. With this information, we can do the other reporting that will need to be done to the state and the federal government. 

  • Eligible Expenses: Grant funding can be used to fund continued operations of your business to help account for lost revenue caused by COVID-19. The funds can also be used to help alter your business to promote social distancing or transition your employees to a remote work environment. The one notable item to keep in mind while applying for this funding is that the program won't allow for "Double Dipping" with the other CARES Act programs. The specific example that was given to us by the state was: If you were awarded PPP funds, you may not use this grant to cover payroll expenses, but you may use these funds for other business-related expenses. 

  • Application Information: We hope to have an application approved by the state by as soon (The week of September 28th, 2020) so that we can open the program up for applications. Currently, the information we will be asking in the application includes:

  • Basic Business Information (Name, Address, Phone Number)

  • Number of Employees (FT and PT)

  • “Did your business receive ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ funds?”

  • COVID-19’s Impact on Your Business (A brief explanation)

  • How You Intend To Use The Funds, If Awarded

  • Itemized Accounting of How Funds Would Be Used, If Awarded.

  • Grant Amount Being Requested (Up to $10,000)

  • The Income Verification Information explained above

  • A copy of your businesses W9 so we can process a check if you are awarded

  • Timeline: We currently do not know what the timeline for this program will be, but we are working to start accepting applications as soon, pending any needed approvals from the state. We will provide you with additional information on the program timeline as we learn more in the next few weeks.


In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to reach out with information about this program, but if you have any specific questions please feel free to contact our office, The City of Shelbyville, or one of the program partners directly.


Rural Small Business Grant September 28 Launch - Deadline October 5

Local Initiatives Support Corporation is inviting small business owners in rural locations across the country to apply for the LISC-Lowe's Rural Relief Small Business Grants program.


Who is eligible?

Only small businesses located in rural communities are eligible at this time. Rural communities are defined as having a population of 50,000 or less.


All potential applicants are encouraged to review our FAQ and grant information before applying. Non-profit organizations are ineligible for the relief funding program at this time, but may be eligible for later rounds of funding.


How it works

Applications are being accepted in “rounds”. You must submit a new application for each round in order to be considered for funding in that round. Application period for 9/28-10/5 is now open.  Apply here.


Governor Holcomb has mandated that Hoosiers age 8 and older will be required to wear a face mask inside any public facility and on public transportation until October 17unless they have a medical reason that keeps them from wearing one. And, if social distancing is not an option, they also need to keep on their face mask outdoors. You can find more information on the state’s plan here.


#INthistogether #MaskUpHoosiers

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